Nourishing Oil by Living Proof

Name: Nourishing Oil by Living Proof.

Category: Hairstyling and nourish treatment.

Target: Hair.

How: 1. After shower and dry your hair apply one or two pumps over your palm.

2.Spread through scalp, trying to reach the mid-lengths and ends.

3.Style as usual, you won’t need to add an styling product.

When: Once a week.

Recommended: Designed to be use over coarse or thick hair, but also works on thin hair.

Pros: Fast-absorbing. Nourish hair. Enhance shine. Frizz protection. Light-weight formula to style hair.

My favorite because… You will be amazed by the diverse range of hair care products developed to take care of our scalp. This Nourishing Oil will provide three benefits: 1) The 5-oil blend will replenish the essential oils that especially coarse or thick hair lost through the time. If the hair looks dry and frizz this oil will be the answer to your problems. 2) Besides, it will add a natural shine to the hair, making it look health. If you have a special dinner after work, just spread a drop over hair and it will recover the volume and texture like if you were right starting the day. 3) Because of having been conceived as a treatment, we recommend not abuse the usage of the product, if you have a really dry-thick hair two times a week will be enough to nourish hair. Best of all, those days won’t need to add a styling product, the oil will help to sculpt your hair.

Price: $38 (100 ml)

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