Deep Clean Shave by Nivea Men

Name: Deep Clean Shave.

Category: Shaving cream.

Target: Beard and mustache.

How:1.Moisten beard and mustache with hot water.

         2.Spread shaving cream evenly and massage over damp beard.

         3.Shave as normal and rinse when you finish.

When: Always before shaving.

Recommended for: All skin types.

Pros: Innovative formula. Optimal razor glide. Clean skin feeling.

My favorite because… It’s important to remember that the main feature of carbon or charcoal over skin is to provide an intense and deep cleanse. So this shaving cream with black carbon it’s focus not only on shave beard and mustache, furthermore provides an extra clean sensation over skin. Looking for another plus? The color, it’s black! A new trend in grooming is not only getting the product just for its benefits, but also due to the experience that causes you at the moment of use it, so the dark color of this cream will make you at least wondering the origin of this shaving cream.

Price: $ (200 ml)

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