True Blue

True Blue

Immerse yourself in this bluish fragrances. Find the one which goes better with your personality.

Spring and Summer are just around the corner. If you want to welcome them with a scent according to these seasons we have selected four fragrances that perfectly match with that weather and mood. What do they have in common? The refreshing aroma that goes well if you are on a Mexican beach or a cosmopolitan capital.

1.L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme, Kenzo. Needless to say but we love to emphasize it, this Japanese brand has a collection of unique and standing out scents. This fragrance has been focused to give a specific scent to water -and they clearly achieve it-. Aquatic notes (of course) citrus and flowers are the blend to embody the watery scent.

2.Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua, Tom Ford.  If are planning the next spring break this fragrances must be in your list. Inspired in the Mediterranean coasts on Italy, the scent will be a warm aromatic breeze for your body and smell. A true example of perfect mixology -could work for a drink too- of citrus: Mandarin, orange blossom, grapefruit, and lemon leaf just to mention some ingredients.

3.Bergamotto di Calabria, Acqua di Parma. Speaking of the Italian-Latin mood, this genderless perfume will go well for your daily life. The blend between citrus with woods (cedar) and leather (musk) notes give it the perfect performance and versatility to wear it during office hours and leisure time.

4.Sauvage, Dior. Inspired in a refreshing oasis located in the middle of a desert, this fragrance we are pretty sure that become a classic in perfumery. We recommend to wear Sauvage during nighttime. Different from the after-mentioned fragrances, this one mix citrus with spicy peppers and the exotic ambroxan, believe us, it will catch the attention of everyone at the party.


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