Boss The Scent Private Accord by Hugo Boss

Name: Boss The Scent Private Accord.

Category: Eau de Toilette.

Nose: Bruno Jovanovic.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray all over the body -trunck and face- right after shower.

When: Twice a day.

Main notes: Cacao, Maninka (African fruit) and Ginger.

Aroma: Sophisticated. Intense. Woody. Deep. Secutive.

My favorite becauseā€¦. An exotic scent totally aimed to emphasize the bare/essential masculinity in each man. Using elemental and natural accords like cacao and maninka, result in an elemental but at the same time deep and intense fragrance which will seduce everyone since the first notes.

Perfect for: As we can see in the ad, this fragrances has been clearly aimed for nocturnal activities, from a fancy piano concert to an intimate encounter, Private Accord will blend with every nightlife event.

Type of man: Jamie Dornan has been the man selected by Hugo Boss to embody the scent. Dornan shows the diverse ways of how a modern gent can express its seductive side. Blending old times activities -like a piano concert- with new technologies like augmented reality, enhancing how a man should behave in these days.

Price: $$$ (100 ml)

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