Thickening Shampoo (Densi-Solutions) by Vichy

Name: Thickening Shampoo (Densi-Solutions).

Category: Shampoo.

Target: Thin Hair.

How: 1.Apply to wet hair.

         2.Massage gently.

         3.Rinse well.

When: Two options: a) Apply one day every other, alternating with other neutral* shampoo. b) Wash hair on a daily basis until you done with the shampoo, let the scalp rest for 3 months using a neutral shampoo and, after that start using it once again.

*By neutral we mean a shampoo which doesn’t have an extra care, besides of the one of cleansing.

Recommended for: Thin hair.

Pros: Dense hair. More resistance. Volume to the root.

My favorite because… Vichy’s line Dercos has been one of the best options for hair care, especially for those who suffer hair loss. After a couple of weeks of using the Thickening Shampoo hair will look denser, and maybe you are asking where is the trick? Well, Vichy’s formulas don’t work only as cosmetic ones, besides, due to its dermatologic and clinical researches all of their products are highly tested and, in the case of the Dercos line, the active ingredients start to work from the roots. That means literally they directly attack the main cause of the issue, therefore you can see changes over hair in a short period of time. 

Price: $$

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