Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Call it as you prefer: Secret Santa, Gift-giving or Christmas exchange, finally arrived that time of the year when you have to give a present to someone related to you, but if do not know well this person here is the solution, in collaboration with L’Occitane we have chosen five perfect beauty gifts that work great for masculine and feminine skins.

1.Toner, Angelica Face Toner. Regardless of your gender or skin type, a toner always goes well for all skins. Your secret santa will be glad to have a product that finally will help their to get rid of oily skin. (200 ml $24 USD/$340 MXN)

2.Invigorating Verbena Body Collection. This Christmas gift is aimed for all the workaholics, the energizer and citric verbena scent will give them an extra boost for enjoy holidays season. (Set with shower gel, fragrance, soap, body lotion and hand cream $59.50 USD/$1,500 MXN)

3.Lavender Relaxing Candle. A season to be in peace and relaxed, for this reason a scented candle will be a great option to give. If you are not pretty sure about the best aroma, you should bet for the freshness of lavender. (100 g $24 USD/$450 MXN)

4.Festive Crackers Trio. If your secret santa always is in a party-mood, you should give them a great surprise, and all the guests too, picking up the Crackers set, it contains the most popular -and  Christmassy- products. (1 set with 3 $34 USD/$700 MXN)

5.Luxury Advent Calendar. If your goal is to captivate the attention of the whole party, we recommend this very special gift. The Advent Calendar will leave amazed everyone with the complete collection of products and the great design of the box (1 set $124 USD/$1,900 MXN)

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