Beard Balm by The Great British Grooming Co.

Name: Beard Balm.

Category: Styling balm.

Target: Beard and mustache.

How: 1.After wash your hands, rub your fingertips -thumb and index- for a couple of seconds in the balm.

        2.Softly work the balm over your beard and mustache. From the center to the tips.

         3.Use a fine comb to style.

When: Once a day after moisturize beard.

Recommended for: Beards with a medium and long length. This product is perfect for tame fly-aways

Pros: Smooth. Easy to dispense and apply through hair. Natural style.

My favorite because… First I would like tell you the difference between a balm from a wax. Waxes work better for beards with short length, because are designed to shape hair and give a specific form. As opposed to, beard balms mould the hair too, but with a some looseness, in other words your beard will look with a natural touch, working better on medium and long lengths. The Great British Grooming Co. balm leaves the beard with a natural shine -due to the shea butter and coconut and argan oils- in addition the balm melts very quickly on your fingers, so if you are in rush this balm is aimed for this situations.

Tip: If you are not a big fan of vintage scents, try to apply just a small amount of the balm.

Price: £6.99 (50 ml)

Tested by: Xico Acosta

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