Scents for Winter Nights

Scents for Winter Nights

We’ve chosen five fragrances with the only goal to embrace your body in a warm atmosphere during this cold season.

Lets think for a moment which will be the best way to describe a ‘winter fragrance’, we know it is not an easy task try to explain such an abstract concept, but lets give a chance. In our opinion a winter scent should include: Intensity of woody notes, a hint of elegance and timeless aromas and finally a perfect blend of masculine spicy extracts. Following we will introduce our selection of five wintry aromas, that fit perfect in the cold mood of the season.

1.Noir Anthracite, Tom Ford. When we are talking about Ford’s fragrances there are only two options: A very sweet and citrus scents, this is not the case, or a really intense smoky aromas. Anthracite embodies the interpretation of the darkest and coldest night of the season. The intensity of Sichuan pepper and a wild mix of woods and spices will cover you up in a foggy atmosphere.

2.Gucci Guilty Absolute, Gucci. Intense, very intense, is the only way we could describe this fragrance. If you are into dry, deep and one-of-a-kind scents Absolute is totally aimed for you. Morillass, the perfumer, in collaboration with Alessandro Michele, launched a leather wintry aroma that perfectly fits with the new Gucci’s retro and outlandish aesthetic.

3.Garanat, Le Gemme, Bvlgari. In our point of view this fragrance represents the whole concept of a snowy morning. The warmness of Damask’s rose with oddity of incense turned out into a fragrance that embraces in a whole environment of opulence-cosiness, inviting you to stay the whole day in your most intimate place.

4.Legend Night, Montblanc. The german high-end brand reinterpreted one of its most classic aromas, the result was a nocturnal fragrance that clearly is aimed to bring out the sexiest and sensual part of every man. Combination of vetiver with cedar wood, and a secret floral hint, made it the right pick to wear during your fancy, and romantic, encounters.

5.Gentleman, Givenchy. Timeless aromas, since the 70’s Givenchy has determined how should smell a real gentleman. The formula is very simple, matching the masculinity of leather notes with the fragility and freshness of floral scents -iris and lavender in this case- Resulted in a timeless scent, that we highly recommend to wear during your most festivities nights of the season.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

One thought on “Scents for Winter Nights

  1. De acuerdo para las noches de invierno cualquiera de esas fragancias son ideales, aunque me quedo con la de Tom Ford. Por cierto la fotografía es extraordinaria.


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