Organic Hand Sanitizer by Dr. Bronner’s

Name: Organic Hand Sanitizer.

Category: Freshener.

Target: Hands and Bedtime (Pillow spray).

How: As a hands sanitizer:

1.When there is no soap and water available, spray onto hands to kill all bacterias.

         As a pillow spray:

1.Before bedtime, spray a fine mist over your pillow.

When: As often as needed.

Recommended for: All skin types (hands sanitizer) and Sleeplessness (Pillow spray).

Pros: Diverse usages. Organic formula. Fair Trade.

My favorite because… Once again Dr. Bronner’s has brought us another multi-purpose ecofriendly-organic product. I decided tested in only two uses. One as a hand sanitizer, a delightful experience, because you can really feel over your hands the moisty-softness of the spray. The second use, my favorite, is as a pillow spray, a great tool for all those who has problems to fall asleep. The scented lavender formula works as a relaxing spray to get you to sleep, in barely couple of minutes you will feel surrounded into a pleasant atmosphere.

Price: $4.99 (59  ml)

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