Father’s Day Shaving Tips

Father’s Day Shaving Tips

Keep it simple but always using the best products, is the best advice I could give you when we talk about shaving. Up next I will show you the four essential -and stylish- grooming tools of L’Occitane men’s line to achieve the perfect shaving for this Father’s Day and of course for the rest of the year.

1.Cedrat Pure Cleanser: Before shaving, prepared and detoxified your skin with a cleanser. It will get rid of all impurities and dead cells over your skin and beard hair. After doing this you are ready to apply the shaving cream oil.

2.Cade Shaving Oil: Creams and gels are the most common formulas for shaving. But if you are looking for the newest trends, I will recommend a lightweight shaving oil. The razor blades perform better through the oil and you will look like the best groomed dad in the block.

3.Cade Plisson Razor: The must-have piece to get the perfect shave. L’Occitane took it to another level with this classy razor made of wood and chrome plated brass.Do not forget, to achieve a comfortable shave, keep the blades always well-sharped.

4.Cedrat After Shave Cream Gel: To finish up this Father’s Day ritual applies an after shave. It is essential for hydrate, sooth and tone the skin after shaving. Last but not least, the organic non-greasy formula will leave your face with a fresh masculine aroma.

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