Haircuts’ Updated Report

It is the right time to update your haircut. But first of all, do not miss the following five trendiest haircuts for this warm season.

1.Wavy and Bearded: A ‘messy’ style perfect for those men with an easy-going personality. Add some volume at the top and keep always well groomed the beard.

2. Taper: A vintage hair cut from short to medium length. This classy look could be updated with the correct type of styling wax.

3.Retro Textured: Kurt Cobain’s ‘effortless’ style is back! If you are into vintage haircuts, try a look with messy layers at the front.

4.Aging State: Getting old is out of fashion. More than a haircut, this is a statement of color. So let you grow grey hair and feel proud of your age.

5.Bowl and Bleached: Nowadays is not enough a stylish cut. Today you have to retake a past trend, reinvented it and finally added a hint of your style, here a perfect example.

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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