Grease Relief Facial Water by Ole Henriksen

Name: Grease Relief Facial Water.

Category: Facial Water.

Target: Oily and sweaty face.

How: Two ways:

         First: Mist a couple of sprays onto a cotton pad and swipe over the face.

         Second (the way I prefer): Mist three sprays directly to face, you will instantly feel your skin refreshed. Let skin absorbs it.

When: As many as you need it.

Recommended for: Oily skins.

Ingredient: Golden seal and Hop extracts.

Pros: Purify. Mattify. Refresh. Shine-free. Botanical

My favorite because… We love sunny days, but after a some reasonable time of have been exposured to midday sun, we just want to find a place to hide and refresh. For those cases the best grooming tool will be a facial water, a perfect product who relieves your bare necessity of coolness. The one by Ole Henriksen, Grease Relief, works perfect for oily skins. In addition of long-lasting refreshing effect -thanks to golden seal and hops extracts- the herbal botanical formula will help you to achieve a neat mattifying look for the whole day.

Price: $22 (120 ml)

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