Summer Refreshments

Summer Refreshments

During hot season our skin could be shown sings of open pores, excessive sweat, and sunburn areas. We have selected five products to help you to refresh skin during these hot days, their icy sensation will make you feel cool the whole day.

1.Origins, Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist. If we are talking about the best allies for summertime a mist has to be included on this list. What it’s a mist? A liquid formula aimed to energize, refresh and restore skin. You could apply it as many times as needed, the lotion quickly recovers skin’s radiance. A product that we have been looking for, very easy to use with instant results and with a light citrus fragrance to give us a whole aromatic experience.

2.Givenchy, Hydra Sparkling Serum.Definitely a refreshen formula. The main ingredient is sparkling water, so you could easily come to the conclusion that this serum will be a perfect ally to maintain skin protected and at the same time fresh. A super-lightweight watery serum, which will add an extra boost of hydration for the hottest days of the season. Pro tip, if you apply it at night also will work as a recovery-nourishing formula for sunburned skin.

3.Thank You Farmer, Deep Emulsion. If you are planning to spend a weekend at the beach this deep water-based moisturizer is the bet. With a cloud-like touch -we mean a very smooth texture- instantly will cool the skin. We recommend to apply it during the morning routine because it’ll add a natural shine to face, a pea-size be more than enough to cover the whole area. Finally, as a K-beauty product, this formula contains hyaluronic acid to prevent and reduce age signs, recommended for everyone over 30 years old.

4.Clinique for Men, Super Energizer SPF 40. We always feel grateful when brands launch products strictly aimed at the masculine target. Clinique has released a moisturizer with an SPF protection included, thank God! There are just a few formulas on market with this dual feature, so if you want to kill two birds with one stone this is the option. Best of all it won’t leave skin with a greasy-shiny appearance.

4.L’Occitane, Burst of Relaxation Rose. Sometimes fragrances could be used not only to perfume our body, but also could be spread over a place to provide an aromatic atmosphere, this is the case of Rose. A floral-aquatic scent (lavender, chamomile and water notes), which could be diffused over body, but according to our experience, it will be great also to give a pleasant smell to any space, a peaceful and serene scented aura.

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