Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patch by JayJun

Name: Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patch.

Category: Hydro-gel eye patch.

Target: Eyes.

How: 1.Apply a patch over each eye. By eye, we refer just right where the lower lash line start.

         2.Let the patches for 15 minutes, then remove and spread the remaining serum over the area.

When: Once a week during morning or nighttime routine. I prefer at night, because the patches relax and refresh the tiredness of the eyes.

Recommended for: All skin types over 20 years old.

Ingredientes: Roselle Flower.

Pros: Perfect adherence. Refreshing effect. Non-sticky. Pleasant scent.

My favorite because… One of my favorite grooming products are those kinds of patches that you can adhere to the skin. The most popular are the ones that are focused on the eye area. What is it the benefit? Very simple. Hydrate to reduce tiredness and dark circles, decrease puffiness and soothe after a long time of being in front of the computer. A very popular use to is to apply it the night before or a couple of hours before an important event, it will help to look the eye area perfect and literally with a fresh look. Last but not less important, a difference from other eye patches it’s that JayJun includes 60 patches! that means you could use it 30 times. Applying them once a week at least you will have a product for 5 months, at least!

Price: $26 (60 patches)

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