Phytokératine Extréme Cream by Phyto

Name: Phytokératine Extréme Cream.

Category: Protecting and Repairing hair cream.

Target: Hair.

How: 1. After shower and dry your hair apply one or two pumps over your palm.

2.Spread through scalp, trying to reach the mid-lengths and ends.

3.Style as usual, this product also works as a styling cream.

When: Once a day.

Recommended: Dry and damaged hair.

Ingredients: Sapote butter: full of Omega 6, to leave hair soft. Baobob Oil: Protect and restores the hydrolipidic film. Botanical Keratin: Imitates hair’s natural keratin (protein for the hair).

Pros: Repairs and protects hair. Increase strength and shine. 2-in-1 prevent dryness and style.

My favorite because… If you have started to notice that your hair looks damaged or even with a breakage effect (you can tell by touching it, literally  feels a rough sensation through your fingers) could be caused by many factors, to mention some the lack of moisture -the most common for men, chemical exposure -maybe if you dye it or apply poor quality styling creams. Anyhow, Phyto has developed a nourishing cream that would help to solve this problem, I really trust in its formulas and ingredients, because are clearly designed to protect and bring out the best of our hair, especially for us that we have to be very careful with products that we applied to our scalp, because anything could be a good excuse to spark off hair loss. But you don’t have to be worried about this keratin cream, will work as an external natural source of protein for your hair. I know, the price could be a bit expensive, but if you want to invest in hair care, this brand worth it.

Price: $40 (30 ml)

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