Bio-Energy Lift Serum by Naturopathica

Name: Bio-Energy Lift Serum.

Category: Serum.

Target: Face.

How: 1.After cleanse and toner, apply just one pump -drop- and spread over face, especially forehead.

         2.Let it get absorb by skin.

When: During nighttime routine.

Recommended for: Super dry skins over 30 years old.

Pros: Holistic skin care. High concentrated formula.Thick formula (cool weathers).

My favorite because… First of all we really liked the ‘holistic skin care’ motto by Naturopathica, which means that you could apply as many serums, moisturizers, cleansers, etc with the purpose of achieve a healthy skin, but to see effective results there are more factors which take part on this.To mention some, what you eat, stress levels and lifestyle, they have to be in balance to get a flawless look. Talking about this serum, has been inspired in the whole wellness, holistic and herbal remedies of Naturopathica, the formula is very thick to be a serum -a great option for winter, performing well over dry skins, getting rid of dull and fatigue appearance. For those oily skins, a light-weight formula will perform better.

Price: $124 (30 ml)

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