Hydra Sparkling High Moisturizing Luminescent Serum by Givenchy

Name: Hydra Sparkling High Moisturizing Luminescent Serum.

Category: Serum.

Target: Face and neck.

How: 1.After cleansing face, apply 1 pump over fingers.

          2.Dab lightly over face, don’t forget the neck area.

          3.Let the skin absorbs it.

When: During nighttime routine.

Recommended for: Dry skins over 30 years old.

Main ingredient: Sparkling Water Complex (developed exclusively by Givenchy), yeast and nasturtium extract (flowering plant).

Pros: Refreshing effect. Intensely moisturizer. Ultra-Lightweight. Quick-absorbing.

My favorite because… If you have ever imagined how will look and feel the sparkling water as a grooming product here is the evidence. Givenchy, with its exclusive complex, formulated a new product -full of bubbles- which works like a boost of water for skin. We really like it because successfully fulfills the three essential requirements that every serum should achieve: Lightweight formula, super quick absorbing and refreshing effect, if any product achieves these features it really understands men’s bare necessities. Furthermore, this sparkling serum will enhance the appearance of skin, making it look more healthy and revitalized -which means you will see it reflected in a natural skin glow and avoiding dry skin- during the coldest and hottest seasons.

Price: $72 (30 ml)

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