Cleansing Water by Thank You Farmer

Name: Cleansing Water.

Category: Cleanser.

Target: Face impurities and grimes.

How: 1.Damp a cotton pad with the formula.

         2.Gently sweep all over the face and neck.

         3.Don’t rinse and continue with toner and moisturizer.

When: Nighttime routine, use a traditional cleanser during the morning to clean your face and at night the one by Thank You Farmer, it effectively will get rid of impurities.

Main ingredient: Icelandic moss extract.

Recommended for: Sensitive and oily skin over 15 years old.

Pros: Innovative formula. Natural ingredients. Gently way to clean face.

My favorite because… You have read right, another product to add to the list of cleansers, in this case, is not a bar soap, a foam cleanser or a gel, it is a cleanser water -that is infused with tiny oil molecules- Next we will tell you the essential stuff to know about this kind of product -that originally was used only to remove make-up on-, and then decide if you want to add to your grooming routine.

Pros: Don’t have to rinse it off. More gently and hydrating effect over the skin. A way to save water. Goes perfect for those -lazy ones- which don’t want to wash their face at night.

Cons: Maybe you will need a double cleanse (only if you were exposed to many time to dirty environments)

Don’t miss: Always apply it with a cotton pad.

Price: €5.10 (30 ml)

One thought on “Cleansing Water by Thank You Farmer

  1. Me parece importante este producto de limpieza ya que ayuda a un menor consumo de agua en la rutina de grooming.


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