The new trend -and we are hoping stays forever- is take care of our planet. Discover how grooming industry has taken action on the matter.

What is eco-active? Is the new way of lifestyle, focused on have a friendly and give a respectful trade to our planet. Some of the most important beauty and grooming companies have already started to apply this way of life to its own products, developing vegan, cruelty-free, organic or natural formulas which clearly understands the importance of environment preservation and of course without casting aside the benefits to our skin.

1.Cruelty-Free & Non-Animal Testing. Our favorite eco-active statement, centered on the well-being of animals, meaning that all their ingredients used by brands in their products didn’t test and harm any animal. So where do they try out? Could be in human volunteers -as Lush does- or even in alternative methods like cell cultures or microbiology used by brands like Unite(5) and Bioderma(6).

2.Natural. The ideal way to preserve the best performance of each natural ingredient in a grooming product is to keep it as pure as it is. Burt’s Bees(2) known that to maintain as natural as possible the ingredient in a formula could be a tough task, but we think it really nailed that developing the 99% natural in most of its products, using just 1% of a synthetic preservative.

3.Vegetarian & Vegan. This kind of products are the ones where animal-derived ingredients slaughtered neither kill animals to obtain them, such a honey, beeswax or glands. But if we want to go further, we could find the vegan option, which contains no animal ingredients. The Body Shop(1) has started a new campaign looking at these two concerns.

4.Organic. Regenerative Organic Agriculture, a concept applied by Dr. Bronner’s(4), which is focused on taking care and have a healthier soil. Free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, drifting into an organic earth which produces a pure and clean ingredient, just like the one used in its Lip Balms with organic jojoba, avocado, and hemp oils.

5.Naked Packaging. Lush(7 & 8) has successfully tried to get rid of any type of containers, with the purpose to reduce the amounts of waste that packaging generates. Some of them are just wrapped in paper, which can be recyclable, like its bath bombs, shampoos, and soaps. Another option is simplifying containers, just like the ones by Jack Black(3), that has been streamlined to reduce unnecessary packaging materials.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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