Toning Lotion With Camomile by Clarins

Name: Toning Lotion With Camomile.

Category: Tonic.

Target: Balance pH of dry skin.

How: 1.After cleansing, apply in a cotton pad a few drops of the toner.

         2.Swipe over skin, especially in forehead and nose.

         3.Let the skin absorbs it and follows with serum and moisturizer.

When: Nighttime routine.

Recommended for: Dry skins, over 40 years.

Pros: Oil control. Refreshing effect. Soothes skin irritation.

My favorite because… Maybe you have heard about the benefits of camomile tea, special the ones related to stress and wellness. But also this herb could be used for skin care products, just as Clarins did it in its toning lotion. Besides of calming and refresh skin -due to the natural beseem of the flower-, this toner will keep under control excessive oil production during sleep time, to see better results try to use it on a daily basis, and after a couple of weeks you will notice how your skin improves its moisture levels and oil control when you wake up in the morning. Don’t miss, if you have an oily skin you should try another toner with a lighter formula and apply it both, morning and night, as we mention this goes perfectly for dry skins to maintain oil under control.

Price: $26 (100 ml)

One thought on “Toning Lotion With Camomile by Clarins

  1. El Toning Lotion With Camomile es realmente efectivo en el control de la grasa en la piel de la cara, además de que deja la piel con una grata sensación de frescura.


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