Phloretin CF Gel by SkinCeuticals

Name: Phloretin CF Gel by SkinCeuticals.

Category: Serum.

Target: Hydration and environment protection.

How: 1.Apply 1 drop over your fingertips -that will be more than enough-

         2.Spread evenly and gently over face and neck area.

         3. Let the skin absorbs it.

When: Daytime, after shower.

Recommended for: Combination and sensitive skins over 25 years-old.

Main Ingredients: Phloretin -an antioxidant extracted from apples, pears and grapefruits-, L-ascorbic acid -Vitamin C- and Ferulic Acid -plant-based antioxidant-

Pros: Protection against environmental pollutants. Provides a healthier and flawless look for skin.

My favorite because… Is well-known that Skincesuticals developments always has been focused on how antioxidants can prevent premature aging. Phloretin CF Gel -it should be called ‘oil’ because it has a very oily texture- is a formula aimed to protect skin against the different environmental agents -just like air pollution, excessive exposure to sunlight, smog, etc- working as a protecting barrier against this agents. Of course you are not gonna see instant results, but little by little you will start to notice how your skin improves its texture, appearance and even promoting a flawless and balanced out color face.

Price: $165 (30 ml)

Tested by: Xico Acosta

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