Colonia Pura by Acqua Di Parma

Name: Colonia Pura.

Category: Eau de Cologne.

Nose: Francois Demachy

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray over face and body.

When: 4 times a day.

Main notes: Orange, Bergamot, Narcissus and Jasmine.

Aroma: Fresh. Herbal. Green. Elegant. Versatile. 

My favorite because…. Good news! If you’ve been looking for an iconic scent, which embodies the main pure classic aroma of a fragrance, the Italian house Acqua Di Parma have formulated a staple -and elegant- scent. Simpleness has never been apart from an intricate savior faire and Acqua Di Parma has proved once again how to do it. Remastering and blending common ingredients -like orange, bergamot or narcissus- and turning into a fragrance which is live up to high-end scents which blends the most extravagant and even expensive notes

Perfect for: If you want to add a hint of casual elegance to your daily routine, Colonia Pura will be a great option. The light scent goes perfect for different situations, we strongly recommend you bought the small -travel- size of this fragrance, in order to take it to whatever you want -gym, office, home- to achieve a long-lasting effect.

Type of man: For young adults who are starting a career in all related to law and management business. The pureness and classiness of Acqua Di Parma will a great ally for that formal look.

Price: $110 (50 ml)

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