Essential Masks for Men

Essential Masks for Men

Masks! If you have decided to take care of your skin it is time to introduce you the different options of face -and hair- masks and discover the differences and benefits of each one.

A very basic grooming routine should include at least a cleanser, serum and moisturizer, and once in a while add some kind of mask, which targets a specific concern of the skin. For those which can’t make up their minds and want to sum a mask to their routine, we will show you five examples of different masks and the specific performance of each one over your skin or scalp.

But before three important facts which apply to all masks:

-Apply them once a week.

-Use them always after cleanse and scrub your face -the ones aimed to face-

-Put them on nighttime routine, because their work as a recovery treatments.

1.A mask to recover skin’s brightness. La Mer’s Brightening Mask is targeted to mature skins, the ones which have lost natural shine. First apply a primer -it’s include with the mask-, which will help to improve the performance of the mask. After that apply a thick layer onto face and neck and let it get infuse into skin, good news! Don’t have to rinse it.

2.A patch to get rid of dark circles. As we told there are different type of masks, one of the best is the aimed to recover the eyes -well, lower eyelid- The Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder goes perfect for those days when your eyes needs a boost of hydration to end up with tiredness. Just pour one drop of the formula over the pads and leave them over eyelids for 10 minutes.

3.A frosty mask to feel hydrated. This cloud-like formula goes perfect for a day after being exposed to sunlight. The sense of fresh and froze foam over the skin is amazing. With finger tips take an amount of the Givenchy’s Foam Mask and spread evenly onto face, the face will feel a bit greasy, but don’t worry is the boost of hydration, the morning after the skin will look smooth and revitalize.

4.An intensive-soft peel to rejuvenate. A peeling is a way to exfoliate skin and get rid of dead cells. Cellular 3-minute Peel by La Prairie offers two benefits in one -scrub and mask- After apply and rinse it, the skin will look flawless and renew and best of all without irritation -most of peelings are harsh to skin- And if you are in a rush, the instant effect -only 3 minutes- will be on your side.

5.A deeply mask to invigorate hair. The last kind of mask is one aimed to hair care, this creamy formulas benefit the looks and thickness of scalp -an important men’s concern-. Minutes before taking a shower apply a generous amount over hair, and with shampoo rinse the whole mask, the hair will look silky, smooth and aglow. One of our favorites is this British mask by Toni & Guy.

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