The British Bouquet by Atkinsons

Name: The British Bouquet.

Category: Eau de Toilette.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray over shoulders and stomach and joints.

When: Twice a day. Atkinsons’ fragrances have a long lasting aroma, but if you want to empower the scent for the whole day, apply it during the morning (after shower) and at midday.

Main notes: Orange, Lavender and Caviar.

Aroma: Sweet. Intense. Masculine. Elegant. High-end

My favorite because…. In my opinion Atkinsons’ scents are one of my favorites, because always they’ve stood out for being different, offering a new option of masculine and elegant aromas. The British Bouquet has been inspired in the classic english dandies, and maybe you are thinking in an old-fashion and lordly scent, but it is totally the opposite. At first impression the smell could be a bit intense, but after a couple of minutes the sweetness of caviar and lavender embrace you in a fragrance that you’ll want to wear for every occasion.

Perfect for: We’ve learnt that high-end fragrances, like Atkinsons, should be wear only for special moments, but we highly recommend to choose The British Bouquet as your daily scent, because the mix of citrus, herbs and caviar results in sweet light aroma which doesn’t annoy anyone.

Type of man: For a stylish white collars, which in their business or family environment are considered as a trendsetters in all about fashion and grooming, like Atkinsons has inspired this fragrances in classic dandies, we totally believe that goes perfect for modern gents also.

Price: $115 (100 ml)

One thought on “The British Bouquet by Atkinsons

  1. De acuerdo , aunque no conozco esta fragancia de Atkinsons, pero si otras, en que son una opción elegante y que puede ser de uso diario.


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