Beard Foam by Reuzel

Name: Beard Foam.

Category: Beard moisturizer.

Target: Beard and mustache.

How: 1.After cleanse and dry beard, apply one or two pumps -depending on the length of your beard- over your hands.

         2.Gently spread the foam all over the hair, and don’t forget to reach the skin, this formula will keep to well moisturized your skin.

         3.Let it dry, don’t rinse, and if you want style applying pomade.

When: Everyday in your morning routine.

Recommended for: Short and medium length beards.

Pros: Hydrates facial hair and skin. Quick absorbing. Oil free. Lightweight and refreshing formula.

My favorite because… Let’s start explaining what is a beard foam? The answer is very simple, it’s like a beard oil but with a water base formula, making it more light and less heavy and greasy than a beard oil. So if you prefer a lighter product over your beard this is a great option, just keep in mind that the product isn’t going to stick around, less than an oil, so if you have a large length and want to give shape to your hair you should add a pomade. That is why we recommend Reuzel’s foam only for short -mostly- and medium lengths. Last but not least, the product looks like a cleansing formula, because it is a foam, but please don’t apply it as a soap or a cleanser.

Price: £12.39 (70 ml)

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