One System by The Shaving Co

Name: One System.

Category: Pre-shaving, Shave and After-shave Cream.

Target: Beard.

How: If you are going to apply it as a shaving cream (the use I gave it)

         1.Moisten beard with hot water.

         2.Spread evenly and massage over damp beard.

         3.Shave as normal and rinse when you finish.

When: Always before shaving.

Recommended for: Oily skins.

Pros: 3-in-1. Hypoalergenic. Innovative formula. Ideal for rush days.

My favorite because… I know this product has been designed to have three different uses, but in my case I decided to test it only as a shaving cream. The greatest plus of this formula, is that you do not need water to apply it and shave it, the blade will be run effortless over your skin and to remove any excess you just pass a towel. If you are ready to try new different experiences of shaving this one designed by The Shaving Co. will be a great opportunity to try. Tip: If you are picky with the textures, just keep in mind that this formula could be a bit sticky.

Price: * (120 ml)

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