Beard Oil by The Great British Grooming Co.

Name: Beard Oil.

Category: Beard Balm.

Target: Beard.

How: 1.After wash and dry your beard, apply a small amount of beard oil over your palms.

         2.Gentle spread all over your beard, just as you do when you are shampooing scalp. Try to reach the skin beneath the beard.

         3.Let the skin absorbs it and then feel free to style your beard.

When: Daily or three times a week after shower.

Recommended for: Yeard and Terminal beard lengths.

Main ingredient: Argan Oil.

Pros: Fresh aroma. Increase volumen. Hydrates facial hair and skin. Quick absorbing.

My favorite because… First of all, there is a big difference between a Shaving Oil and Beard Oil or Balm, the first one works as softener for beard before shaving it or even can be use too as shaving cream. The second one, Beard Oil, is a formula who hydrates and nourishes beard hair and skin that lies beneath. This beard oil by TGBC, in addition of moisturizes, adds volumen to facial hair leaving it with a smooth touch and easy to handle it for styling. This oil will work perfect for beard’s with a length of a yeard, the formula penetrates all over it, and it is slightly scented to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Price: £8.99 (75 ml)

Tested by: Fernando Luna-Guasco

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