Pore Minimizing Shake Tonic by Estée Lauder

Name: Pore Minimizing Shake Tonic.

Category: Tonic.

Target: Rebalance oily and dry skin spots.

How: 1.After cleansing, apply in a cotton pad a few drops of the serum. Please do not miss shake it well to blend the toner with the clay.

         2.Swip over skin, specially in forehead and nose.

         3.Let the skin absorbs it and follow with serum and moisturizer.

When: Daily twice a day (Morning and Night)

Recommended for: Oily and sensitive skins, over 30 years.

Main ingredients: Cucumber, asparagus and ginseng root extracts and Algae powder.

Pros: Natural balance. Long-lasting effect. Oil control.

My favorite because… As you know, or maybe not, Estée Lauder -brand- is a very feminine beauty brand, most of their products are clearly aimed to solve women’s skin care problems. But with the new line of Nutritious Micro-Algae, there are good news for us, because can be use by men too, focusing in two common masculine concerns: Open pores and pollution impurities, this last one is the main reason that clog pores. If you want to minimize and clean your pores you should apply the whole Nutritious Micro-Algae routine (Cleanser, Tonner and Moisturizer), I tested the three products and really works, of course didn’t disappear my pores -because that is imposible- but kept them clean and shine-free. If you only want to try one product, you should bet for the tonic, the innovative blend of herbs and algae, really works over masculine skin, shaking away oiliness.

Price: $28 (150 ml)

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