Oak Moss Moustache Wax by Men Rock

Name: Oak Moss Moustache Wax.

Category: Moustache Care.

Target: Moustache.

How: 1.After wash your hands, rub your fingertips -thumb and index- for a couple of seconds in the wax.

             2.Softly work the wax -a very small amount- into your mustache. From the center to the tips.

             3.To give a final touch, use a fine comb to straighten hairs and keep whiskers in place.

Extra tip: If the wax is too stiff, place it for 10 seconds in a pot with warm water to soften the wax.

When: Daily or on special occasions -when you want to make a great impression with a date-

Recommended for: All types of moustaches.

Main ingredient: Bee’s wax.

Pros: Firm hold. Natural Ingredients. Masculine scented.

My favorite because… The mustache trend continues, and is going to stay for a long time. So if you are thinking to let your whiskers growth you are still on time. The best allies will be a face-soap and a comb and -most important- a molding wax. Keep the moustache always well trimmed and clean, to avoid unpleasant odors. The wax will help you to maintain all the whiskers in place and always looking stylish, finally the oak moss -a woody scent- will add a touch of undeniable virility.

Price: £10 (25 ml)

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