Name: Photoderma Nude Touch SPF 50+ Natural Tint.

Category: Sunscreen.

Target: Body.

How: 1. After clean and moisturize, SHAKE WELL the bottle and apply an amount over your palms.

            2.Spread evenly over your face, neck, arms and other body parts who are exposed to sunlight.

            3. Let skin absorbs it and reapply it after doing sport activities .

When: Everyday.

Recommended for: Oily skins.

Pros: Matte Finish.Natural Tinted. Light Formula.

My favorite because… I decided test this sunscreen during my summer vacation, and believe I chose a very hot and sunny place -around 35°C-  My verdict? I highly recommend Bioderma’s new sunscreen. First of all the matte finish works perfect over my oily skin, and If I was in a hurry I didn’t have to worried for spread it perfectly thanks to the natural tint -btw goes perfect with my skin tone- The SPF against UVA and UVB rays was superb, afterwards of walking many hours exposed to sun and when arrived to my hotel I noticed my skin flawless and not irritated by sunlight. I advise to take with you the sunscreen -the small size is perfect to keep in your travel bag- and after a couple of hours of being outside reapply it.

Price: $$ (40 ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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