Vax’In For Youth: Beautifying Mist and High Protection SPF30 by Givenchy

Name: Vax’In For Youth: Beautifying Mist and High Protection SPF30.

Category: Refreshing Mist and Sunscreen.

Target: Face and body.

How: 1.After cleanse and moisturize, spray all over face, neck and arms.

         2..Let skin absorbs it, after a few seconds spread gently and evenly the excess of the mist.

         3.Reapply it every two hours.

When: Everyday.

Recommended for: Oily skin.

Pros: Odorless. Non-greasy. Two in one. UV protection. Hybrid formula.

My favorite because… Once again Givenchy has created an innovative product who take cares of the real problems of the urban male. The piece of work is a hybrid formula perfect for summer, a beautifying mist with a high sun protection -SPF30 to be more specific-. Aimed for guys with oily skin, this mist-sunscreen, leaves the skin with a refreshing mattifying effect but at the same time well-protected for the strongest UV rays. I highly recommend this product for summertime, because it is useful and clearly understood the main concerns of male skin.

Price: $$ (50 ml)

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