Blue Heart by La Mer (limited-edition)

Name: Blue Heart (limited-edition).

Category: Moisturizer.

Target: Face and neck.

How: 1.After cleansing, take a small amount of the crème and warmed for a few seconds between your fingers.

         2.Once becomes translucent, pressed gently into the face and neck.

         3.Let it get absorb by skin.

When: Daily morning and night.

Recommended for: All skin types over 30 years old.

Pros: Fresh. Healing. Miracle Broth. Sustainable. Ageless. Regenerate. Dr. Max Huber.

My favorite because… Like fashion designers took inspiration of muses to create their collections (Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn became the most popular tandem) Beauty industry have done the same, selecting not just women but a variety of different ‘muses’. La Mer’s muse, for a very long time, has been the sea, as they said the sea represents ‘The miraculous blue heart of the planet’. In gratitude to this aquatic muse, La Mer created Oceans Fund, a program aimed to protect and preserve the oceans, showing us that beauty industry is not just only focused on beautify people, but also in beautify and take care of nature.

Price: $465 (100 ml)

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