Body Wash by GO24·7

Name: Body Wash.

Category: Shower Gel.

Target: Body.

How: 1.During the shower, pour some gel on a loofa (to obtain better results).

         2.Lather up all over the body and face.

         3.Rinse well.

When: Daily during the shower.

Recommended for: All skin types.

Pros: Botanically enriched. Strong scented. Easy dispensing.

My favorite because… I will recommend this shower gel for all those men who have been recently introduced into the grooming world. If you are looking for a non-conventional cleanser, the one of GO24·7 is a great option for beginners. Best part of all, if you are always in a rush this shower gel works perfect for you, thanks to its strong scented aroma, easy dispensing and ergonomic bottle, a perfect body wash for a city or province man.

Price: $16 (236ml)

One thought on “Body Wash by GO24·7

  1. Este Body Wash bu G024-7 tiene un delicioso aroma y deja el cuerpo limpio y con una sensación de frescura.


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