Name: Thermal Spring Water.

Category: Facial Water.

Target: To refresh and soothe skin.

How: 1.For a couple of seconds mists Avène’s Thermal Water all over the face or targeted body part.

             2.Let skin absorbs it.

When: As often as necessary, on a daily basis. I like to use it as a refresher when I am running outdoors during spring or summer time, it is just perfect because it really soothes and calms the skin after post-workout and sun exposure.

Recommended for: Sensitive skins.

Ingredients: Thermal spring water and Nitrogen.

Pros: Clinically tested. Restore skin balance. Soothes redness. Low mineral content.

My favorite because… If you are looking for a brand perfectly aimed for sensitive skins, you are reading the right review. Avène is a French brand focused on developing safer products for all family members. This Thermal Spring Water, has been for a long time the iconic product of Avené, Why? Because is a perfect product to take care of skin. Clinically tested the natural spring water is totally free of preservatives and works as the key ingredient in every single Avène’s dermo-cosmetic. Spring time is a perfect option to start using this facial water. Keep your skin well refreshed and soothed of redness causing by sun exposure with this one-of-a-kind product.

Price: $18.50 (300 ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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