An Army of Supplies

An Army of Supplies

Oils, serums and masks are some of your beautify’s allies to get rid off skin care problems. Entrust your face to them, they will do all the work to make you look with a flawless skin.

1.The Renewal Oil, La Mer: The famous Miracle Broth now is presented as an oil elixir. Aimed for mature skins to prevent emerging lines and  improves collagen production, also works as regulator of skin’s over production of oil. Just do not forget to use only 3 or 5 drops of this Renewal Oil over your skin.

2.Line-Control Balm, Clarins Men: As we have told you in different reviews, a moisturizer is a must-have grooming supply. But if the aging effects are starting to show up and you want to go a step forward, this line-control balm will be a great choice to tighten up the saggy skin.

3.Le Soin Noir & Blanc Huile, Givenchy: The white and black oil of Givenchy are the perfect mix of oils. Use one during the day and the other one at night. The main ingredient in the black one is Life Algae, helping to revive the skin energy and to fade the early signs of aging.

4.GinZing Peel-off Mask, Origins: For those who wants to achieve a smooth skin in mere minutes this peel-off mask is the solution. Coffee beans, ginseng and fruit complex are the key ingredients to get a smooth and refresh skin. The best thing, you do not have to rinse it! Just gently peel off the mask layer.

5.Urban Blue, Lab Series: Big cities are awesome places to live, but unfortunately most of them are very polluted, due to this Lab Series presented a detox max. The perfect option to purifies and remove dirt pollutants from city guys’ skin. Besides, the mask blue-tone add a touch of ‘grooming coolness’.

6.Dark Spot Corrector, Clinique For Men: If you did not take care of your skin during your 20’s this product has been aimed for you. The lab-tested-formula helps to reduce the sun spots, age spots and acne scarring. But it is not magic, to see real results, do not forget to use it daily twice a day and apply sunscreen with SPF.

7.Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Kiehl’s: A classic of grooming products, and one of the most popular of Kiehl’s, this aromatic oil, primrose and lavender, is a perfect option to repair your skin of daily aggressors. The scented-formula works at night helping you to have a sweet dreams too.

Photography: Tanya Chavez @tanchv

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