Shave Oil by Dear Beard

Name: Shave Oil.

Category: Shaving Oil.

Target: Beard.

How: 1.Moisten beard with hot water.

         2.Pour a few drops of the oil (about 5 drops) in the palm.

         3.Rub the oil in both palms and apply to the skin.

         4.Shave as normal and rinse when you finish.

When: Always before shaving.

Recommended for: All types of beards.

Pros: Natural oils. Smoother shave. Nourished skin.  Protects against irritation.

My favorite because… Dear Beard is an Italian brand focused on take care of men’s beard and mustache, formulating products with natural ingredients with a modern concept of barbershop. The first product that I tried was a shaving oil, and have to confess you, I have never tried a beard oil before this one. At first I was suspicious of how just a few drops of a lightweight beard oil are going to work effectively over thick beard. The result was pretty amazing, the oil enhance razor’s performance over skin, leaving the skin free of facial hair with only one shave. I widely recommend you to try new ways of shaving products.

Price: $25 (50 ml)

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