Ice-Cold Eye Cream by Kenzo

Name: Ice-Cold Eye Cream by Kenzo.

Category: Eye Moisturizer.

Target: Dark circles and puffiness.

How: 1. Put a touch of the cream on the eyelids and under the eyes.

         2.Spread evenly and gently onto skin.

         3. Let the skin absorbs it.

When: In the morning.

Recommended for: All skin types over 35 years old.

Main ingredients: Ginger, Osilift (Oat) and Actiflow.

Pros: Fresh. Specific Formula. Anti-aging. Energize. Youthful.

My favorite because… Kenzoki is the beauty wellness collection of Kenzo. All the skincare products are aim to relax and calm the skin, due to their great ingredients, scents and textures. One of my favorite lines is Revitalization Care, the main purpose of this line is revitalize the overtired skin, perfect for guys who love to party late. The key ingredient is Ginger Flower, a Chinese plant, that is specially cultivated for Kenzo. This ingredient optimizes the healthy glow effect and radiance boost of your skin, the perfect product to use over your eyes the morning after a party night.

Tip: If you want to see better results, keep it in the fridge and you will enhance the regenerating properties.

Price: $46 (15 ml)

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