Age Defender Moisturizer by Kiehl’s

Name: Age Defender Moisturizer.

Category: Moisturizer.

Target: Anti-aging effect. Wrinkle reduction. Lift and firm the skin.

How: 1. After cleansed and applied serum, spread a small amount evenly onto face.

         2.Let the skin absorbs it.

When: Twice a day, morning and night.

Recommended for: All skin types over 40 years old.

Main ingredients: Linseed Extract and Tensing Polymers.

Pros: Fresh. Specific Formula. Anti-aging. Energize. Youthful.

My favorite because… If I have to choose the coolest beauty brand, that will be Keihl’s. It has the most avant-garde packing, the craziest visual merchandising and the weirdest ingredients in their formulas. The new Age Defender collection, was created in collaboration with the fashion icon Nick Wooster. The result, three different products who are specifically formulated for men’s thicker skin. This moisturizer is very manly in every aspect: The rough texture, the intense aroma and the packaging lacking of dispenser. A must moisturizer for the urban-male!

Price: $40 (50 ml)

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