Sheer Touch by Hawaiian Tropic

Name: Sheer Touch.

Category: Sunscreen.

Target: Face and body.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF): 30 (High)

How: 1. Before going outdoors, apply a generous amount over face and body.

         2.Let skin absorbs it.

         3. Tip: Sunscreen actives break down when you are directly exposure to daylight. So depending on your day routine, you most reapply it every two, four or six hours.

When: Daily in the morning, I prefer to use this sunscreen at the beach.

Recommended for: Dry and normal skin and for all ages.

Pros: Broad spectrum UVA/UVB. Enriched with vitamins. Tropical fragrance. Water resistance.

My favorite because… Hawaiian Tropic’s formulas always has a spectacular tropical scents, for this reason this sunscreen perfectly match to be used at the beach. The Sheer Touch mixes mango fruit extract with shea butter complex, the result is an amazing aroma, leaving the skin protected and with a natural glow.

Price: $7.99 (236 ml)

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