Travel Kit Essentials

Travel Kit Essentials

Does not matter if is Spring Break, summer vacation or winter holidays. If you are going on vacation, should not miss to take with you a grooming travel kit. I know it could be sounds pretty vain, but this travel kit of grooming essentials, will be very helpful for you or your travel buddies, in a different situations. So, lets start packing and do not forget to include this travel must-haves.


For those long walks in the city, you will need a long-lasting deodorant. One of my favorite options it is the Vichy Homme Deodorant for Sensitive Skin. This one, will keep your skin fresh and under control bad odors.



Another must-have is a comb. One of the best grooming tools to every moment. Helping you to look neat after a long travel on an airplane, and also making you look sharp for a night out in the city.


Nail clippers

If your are having a long trip (more than a week), you should bring a nail clipper. Remember the basic rules of a well-groomed men: Always paying attention to every details, no matter if it is the smallest detail.


Lip Balm

Avoid chapped lips. Carrying a lip balm will be very helpful, is easy to use and you could keep it inside jeans’ pocket. Burt’s Bees has a wide range of beeswax balms, they will leave your lips healthy and hydrated.



It sounds obvious, but it is very common forget the essential items, like a toothbrush. If you forgot to packing it, the first thing you have to do after leaving the airplane, is to buy one at the closest drug store.



As we reviewed in our past article, we need to protect our skin for UVB and UVA rays. Does not matter if is summer or winter, we should apply sunscreen every two hours. There is a wide range of options, one of my favorites is the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection with a WetForce technology.


All-In-One Shower gel

For those who like the products with different uses, I recommend the Pro-LS All-In-One Shower Gel of Lab Series. You could use it as shampoo, face wash, shower gel and even as a shaving cream. This product will be a great option for your travel kit.


Razor and shaving cream

If you have beard, stop reading this bullet now! But if you shave daily, you should always bring with you a razor and shaving cream. If you forgot them and do not want to spend more money buy one, could be a great excuse to let your beard grown, and give a twist to your look.


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