Spicebomb Barbershop Non Foaming Shaving Cream by Viktor & Rolf

Name: Spicebomb Barbershop Non Foaming Shaving Cream.

Category: Shaving Cream.

Target: Beard.

How: 1.Squeeze a generous amount onto your palms.

         2.Rub between palms and apply an even layer on damp skin.

         3.Shape with a sharp razor, apply more shaving cream if it is necessary.

         4.When you finish, rinse face.

When: Always before shaving.

Recommended for: Mature skins.

Pros: Smooth. Close shave. Spicebomb scent. Anti-irritation.

My favorite because… This shaving cream is part of the especial edition of Spicebomb ‘Barbershop’ by Viktor & Rolf. In addition to the shave cream, the ‘Barbershop’ includes a pre-shave nourishing oil, an after shave balm and the Spicebomb Fresh fragrance. I really like this shaving cream, because it has a super intense and energizer aroma of tobacco and marine accords, inspired in the fragrance.This cream allows a smooth shave, protecting the skin against irritation. I highly recommend this high-end shaving cream to adult men, because the intense aroma could be to strong for teenagers.

Price: $28 (100 ml)

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