Rebalancing Face Mask by L’Occitane

Name: Rebalancing Face Mask.

Category: Mask.

Target: Face impurities and toxins

How: 1.After cleansing, apply a thin layer on dry skin all over the face.

         2.Leave on for 5 minutes.

         3.Rinse well.

When: Two times a week. Morning or night.

Main ingredients: Essential oils.

Recommended for: Sensitive and oily skin over 15 years old.

Pros: Re-energizer. Relaxing scent. Tighten pores. Rid impurities.

My favorite because… L’Occitane developed a special collection named: Aromachologie. This line is all about essential oils and strong scents. And their benefits that bring to skin and body care. This Rebalancing Face Mask, get rid of very quickly of all the impurities of the face, leaving it with an amazing softness. In addition if you suffer of acne and pimples, this mask will help you to get rid of them too. Finally, if you are in a rush, this is the perfect mask, because you only need to leave it on the face for 5 minutes.

Price: $38 (75 ml)

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