No Frizz Leave-in Conditioner by Living Proof

Name: No Frizz Leave-in Conditioner.

Category: Anti-frizz cream.

Target: Frizz prone hair.

How: 1.Apply a pea-size amount on dry or damp hair.

         2.Spread all over the hair, focusing on ends and dry areas.

         3.Leave it in hair, also works as a hair styler.

When: On a rainy or humid day.

Recommended for: All hair types.

Pros: No frizz. Ends with humidity and friction. Moisturize hair. Citrus aroma.

My favorite because…Believe it or not frizz it’s not only a women’s thing, we also get affected and specially living in a rainy zone.The ‘Healthy Hair Molecule’ in Living Proof products it’s the key ingredient that ends with frizz providing optimum moisture levels to hair, you could try to walk in the rain and your hair will stay perfect. Besides after apply it you don’t need to use any gel or style cream.

Price: $25 (118 ml)

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