Grooming Essential Products

In this first article I would share you the most common terms that everyone needs to know about beauty cares for men. With this information you will discover the diversity of specific terms and for what does each product works. So lets start with this simple guide and please do not forget to leave a comment if you have any doubt.

Cleanser: The first step on a grooming routine. Focused to rid your face of dirt and pollution. You could use it during a shower or after, but do not forget apply it before any product.

Thermal waters: Is a fresh mist that calm irritated skin with a cooling effect. Ideally for after a long day to refresh and boost hydration of skin.

Mask: A facial mask is a clay applied over your face and let it dry for a couple of minutes. There are several types but most of them are focused in get rid of impurities and detox the skin.

Scrub: An effective product to eliminate dead skin cells. All exfoliators formulas include small amounts of grains that gently polishes skin. Apply it just once a week to avoid irritation.

Toner: Is recommended to restore skin’s pH. Also is a great option to reduce the excess of oil and shine. Use after cleansing,

Oil: Facial oils are formulated with botanical ingredients that are potent antioxidants. Just do not forget to apply just a few drops to avoid an extra greasy skin.

Serum: Is a high concentrate and low weight formula that penetrate deeper in the skin to deliver the active ingredientes. Is recommended for mature skins. Use after toner.

Moisturizer: To maintain a healthy skin you need use a moisturizer. It has the key nutrients to keep it smooth, soft and hydrated. Use after serum.

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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