‘Leyenda Épica’ Dirt Destroyer by Old Spice

Name: ‘Leyenda Épica’ Dirt Destroyer.

Category: Shower Gel.

Target: Body.

How:   1.Apply a generous amount and rub all over your body.

            2. Rinse well.

When: Everyday.

Recommended for: All skin types.

Pros: Affordable price. Strong scented. 2-in-1 product. Get rid of odor.

My favorite because… We recommend this shower gel mainly for two reasons. The first one, is the 2-in-1 performance, because you can use it primarily as a body wash but, if you want to save space on the gym bag or maybe you are traveling, this product also could be used to wash your hair -please note that works well as a shampoo, but if are planning to use it on a daily-basis we advise you to choose a specific formula aimed at hair care- The second one is related to the workout-mood, the whole branding of the product (strong aroma, invigorating packaging, even the pictures showed in the bottle) goes perfectly to make you feel more sportive and fitness, so it could be a great gym-grooming-buddy.

Price: $ (200 ml)

One thought on “‘Leyenda Épica’ Dirt Destroyer by Old Spice

  1. “Leyenda Épica ” de Old Spice tiene un aroma muy fresco y tiene la ventaja de ser gel de ducha y shampo para el cabello me agrada mucho.


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