Shredding Oil by Ab Crew

Name: Shredding Oil.

Category: Body Oil.

Target: Body definition.

How: 1. After work out and shower apply the body oil to the body (torso, chest, back, and arms)

         2.Let the skin absorbs it and continue to get dress.

When: The days when you work out or those days when you want to look more ripped.

Recommended for: Fit and ripped bodies.

Key ingredients: Marine Complex.

Pros: Quick absorbing. Define body areas.

My favorite because… When you read on the bottle ‘Shredding Oil’ and then find out that Ab Crew goal is to rip guys’ bodies, it could be a common thought: ‘If I apply tons of this oil to my body it will transform it magically into a Men’s Health cover guy’.  Well, that’s not true. Please don’t misunderstood the focus of this product, the shredding oil, of course, helps you to look more ripped and define, ONLY IF YOU ALREADY ARE IN A -VERY- GOOD SHAPE, the oil will promotes the definition of the muscles, especially the shoulders, back and chest, use it if you want to look more shred in a pic or in a pool party. On the other hand, if you are not defined, ripped or cut, the oil won’t help you at all, the Marine complex will start to carve your body, but as every grooming treatment it will take some time, and of course, you have to exercise and eat in a healthy way if you want to see results in a short time period.

Price: $35 (100 ml)

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