Beard Wash by Jack Black

Name: Beard Wash.

Category: Cleanser.

Target: Beard and mustache.

How: 1.During the shower apply a nickel-size amount to wet hands.

            2.Gently spread the gel all over the hair and skin beneath and work into lather.

            3.Rinse, dry and continue with beard moisturizer.

When: Daily during the shower or if you rather on a three day basis.

Recommended for: All kind of beards (short, medium and long length)

Pros: Lightweight formula, Fresh. Natural scented. Energizing effect.

My favorite because… If you are letting your beard grow, you should take a proper care to keep it neat and groomed. One of the essential cares is to cleanse it, please do not apply your scalp’s shampoo or a classic face soap, you have to choose a specific formula that performs well for facial hair and skin beneath it. Jack Black’s Beard Wash has been particularly created to shower your beard, the essential oils within the formula -jojoba and aloe- provide the perfect balance between natural’s skin oils and the ones within the cleanser. In addition after a couple of days your beard will get a healthier look, natural shine and smooth touch.

Price: $18 (177 ml)

Tested by: Xico Acosta

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