Powerful Skin Care

Powerful Skin Care

We introduce you eight skin-care-superheroes. Their powerful and innovative formulas will be the best allies to overthrow your facial enemies.

Like writers and cartoonists bring superheroes into being with the purpose of finish off bad guys, beauty experts and scientists constantly bring to life products to fight back all type of skin care concerns. The most common weapons developed against these ‘beauty-villains’ are multifunctional cleansers and toners, powerful hydrators and high-concentrated skin boosters. Find out our favorites grooming-superheroes, those that will get you out of trouble at any time.

1.Pro LS All-In-One Face Cleanser, Lab Series. Super Power: Multifunctional Gifts. This cleanser purifies, balances and refreshes, three benefits in one. Best of all is totally aim for masculine skins.

2.City Block Purifying, Clinique. SP: Revealing of Impurities. A formula specially conceived for urban skins. The charcoal, is the secret weapon, a great formula to get rid of deepest grimes.

3.Toning Lotion, Clarins. SP: Oil Absorption. Toner, an essential ally to destroy oily skin, the most common among men. Thanks to its natural extract -camomile- can be use morning and night to achieve a mattifying effect.

4.Skin Caviar Mask, La Prairie. SP: Duplication of Benefits. With just one product you will exfoliate and polish the skin. Use it during the night, and discover how caviar works as guardian for face.

5.Hydro Master Gel, Shiseido Men. SP: Lightweight Penetration. A muts-have product, the super quick-absorbing and refreshing formula, immediately hydrates signs of dryness and blurs every open pore.

6. Vax’In D-Tox Serum, Givenchy. SP: Pollutant’s Ripper. This modern vaccine defends skin against city contamination. Leaving it with a powerful radiant appearance against all kind of metropolis.

7. Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief, Origins. SP: Ecological Heal. Fortified with a great bunch of mushrooms, this creamy serum promotes natural skin healing from stress aggressors.

8.Immortelle Divine Eyes, L’Occitane. SP: Inmortal Vision. Fight dark circles and puffiness, the anti-aging formula is focus on enhance the brightness of eye area with Asian skin care rituals.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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