The Moor Spa and RF

The Moor Spa and RF

It is really impressive to find all the beauty centers focused in take care of our skin and body. I know that most of them are targeted for women, but if you check with detail all the options, you will find some unisex treatments, and even some exclusively aimed to men.

A few weeks ago I visited Moor Spa, in Mexico City, at first sight you could thought that it is only a women’s place, but if you take a second look, you will find that several of its treatments could be apply it to men too. I successfully tried RF (Radio Frequency), but I will talk about it later on, first I will tell you more about ‘moor’.

Moor, is a natural ingredient that has been included in all the brand’s products. It has been extracted from up to 60 feet below the surface, and it has a cream-like consistency. The ‘moor’ was discovered by Dr. Walter Kosmath, over 50 years ago in Austria.

As I told you before, I tried RF (Radio Frequency) and the Algamoor Mask at Moor Spa. The first one was the RF, an energy frequency treatment focused in tightening the early sings of loose and aging, working mainly on the deepest layer of the skin. It does not hurt, you just feel a soft-warm-heat during the application over the forehead, cheeks and eyes. Best of all, it does not take too much time, only 30 minutes (each session). If you are in your 20’s with once a month application will be enough, but if you are in your 30’s or more, you could try it twice a month. In both cases it is recommended to be apply it during a period of 6 months continuously, and repose for other 6 months after a complete treatment.

Last but not least the Algamoor Mask, this one was applied after my RF treatment. The organic nutrients and minerals contained in this mask, help to deeply moisturize the skin, leaving it with a sensation of freshness and getting rid of the oily skin for a few days.

As I always say, all beauty treatments are preventive, so if you want to get a great skin it is time to start taking care of it, one great option is the RF.


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