Name: Caviar Moisture Intense Oil Créme Deep Conditioner.

Category: Conditioner.

Target: Dry hair.

How: 1.After wash and clean hair with shampoo, pour an amount on damp hair.

         2.Massage throughout the scalp and leave it on for three to five minutes.

         3.Rinse well.

When: Three times a week.

Recommended for: All scalp types, specially dry.

Main ingredients: Abyssinian oil, Caviar extract and Vitamin C.

Pros: Eco-friendly. Paraben-free. Natural. Professional. Fair-trade. High-end formula.

My favorite because… Following Alterna’s principles of pure, proven and professional, they created this conditioner to helps super dry hair. The secret is in the Abyssinian oil, this ingredient penetrates moisturizing every inch of the scalp, leaving hair soft, smooth and shine. As an extra info, Alterna includes powerful-natural ingredients to obtain better formulas, in this case is the caviar, helping to maintain the correct levels of hydration in hair.

Price: $32 (200 ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

One thought on “Caviar Moisture Intense Oil Créme Deep Conditioner by Alterna

  1. El Caviar Mouisture Intense es excelente tenía problemas por lo seco de mi cabello y al usarlo elimine el problema, además de que deja el cabello suave y con brillo.


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